Customer Testimonials

     When Vines to Cellar began looking for a sign we were overwhelmed by the number of businesses that all seemed to offer the same type of sign.  Our business is unique and we were looking for a sign that would stand out and be unique in its own nature.  When we met with Scott, he asked about our business, what type of customers we’re looking for and really seemed to get to know us and our new business.  

     Just taking the extra time to learn about us he was able to suggest a truly unique sign.  Our barrels are photographed by tourists and many of our U Vin wine makers take their pictures under the barrel sign as part of the wine making event. 

     Thank you to Scott and Wisconsin Signs & Neon for the wonderful job in designing, constructing and installing our 1 of a kind sign.  Our Winery definitely has a unique feel to it and our sign emulates our vision for our Winery.


Jim and CJ Wirsching-Neuser

Owners and Vintners

Vines to Cellar Winery

Port Washington, WI




Special thanks to you and your team for a great job on our recently completed American Transmission Company HQ/SOC project in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  I was very pleased how effectively you worked with us, the Owner, our architect, and all of the other necessary trades to complete the signage component of the project on time and on budget. I especially appreciated your efforts in listening to our needs, creating unique and affordable options, and ultimately fabricating and installing our signs in a timely and professional manner.  We also acknowledge the dedication of your team to quality workmanship, service, and a safe work environment.


Based on this project, I would recommend your company for its capabilities and expertise on fast track projects that require unique and affordable signage. It has been my pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next opportunity to work with your team again.


Interstate Partners LLC

William J. Schwartz

Director of Real Estate Development





I inherited a couple of neon signs that were a part of my family’s history.  Neither one worked, in fact, the ballasts had been cut off them.  I didn’t know anything about neon lights other than they used ballasts and I thought were a sealed system.  One of the signs had a small section completely broken off.  Had no idea if they could be reconditioned but that was what I was hoping to do.  I didn’t want them to look like new.  Was more interested in getting them to work efficiently and finding a way to protect them so they could be displayed in our basement without fear of accidental damage.


I had been given one reference for a business that could likely handle my request but it was located over six hours drive from my home.  I looked in the yellow pages and started calling advertised businesses hoping to find someone or get a reference for someone relatively nearby that could help me.  One of the first places I called and the first place that called back was Wisconsin Signs & Neon.  My initial reaction to Scott was very good.  He spoke knowledgeably and professionally about meeting my needs.  We set up an appointment.  Shortly thereafter, he drove 30+ miles to look at the signs.  He understood the craftsmanship that went into them originally and I could tell from the way he described what went into making them that he had a solid background with neon and a near reverence for the craft.   We quickly agreed on a plan for the final product.  He provided a quote the next day.  We agreed on a final price.  He came and picked up the signs.  About two weeks later Scott brought the signs back.  I was very pleased with the final product.  They have new, efficient ballasts.  They are cleaned up but their age is still evident and they are definitely protected.  They’re up and I’m looking forward to sharing them with my siblings.






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